AC Installation Tips

Ideally, the best way to install an air conditioning system is by hiring an experienced professional. Most people believe that is the only way of having their newly bought AC installed. However, that is not entirely true. As long as you’re comfortable working with electricity and HVAC equipment, it is definitely possible to do it on your own. Air conditioning installation usually takes up a lot of time but there is a way to make everything easier. If you follow these helpful AC Installation Tips, you’ll surely save some time and your AC unit will be working in no time.

Best AC Installation Tips


The positioning of the indoor unit plays a vital role in any AC installation. It’s important for you to make sure that there are no pipes surrounding it. You should always keep in mind that air circulation should be prioritized. The best way to do this is by ensuring that the unit isn’t close to any doorways.


If your AC unit will be placed outdoors, make sure that it is not put directly under the sun. Although most companies advertise their AC’s to be weatherproof, it’s still best to keep it shaded. This will help it function more efficiently and prevent any malfunctions. Lastly, always check that the fan is facing away from your house.


A pipe bender should never be used on a copper pipe. The main reason for this is because AC units typically use a one-half inch of the pipe so the bender will just crush it. What you need to do is to cut the insulation. Slowly pull apart so that the pipe can be exposed. Press it firmly using your thumbs. Finally, you can put the insulation back and safely secure it with tape.


In indoor units, the water drain pipe is usually found at either end of the dip tray. It’s important to check if the rubber bung is in the hole located on the other end. While you’re installing the water run off, keep in mind that it should be angled downward. It’s always best for you to ensure that it runs a good distance from your house. The reason for this is because most indoor units put out four pints of water daily. This usually happens during summer but it’s best to check it frequently to avoid any mishaps.


If you’re trying to install the pipe to your AC unit during an installation, it is highly recommended to use a little tiny drop of oil. This will ensure that the pipes would be easily connected. The next step is to begin attaching the pipes to the brass cones. Then, tighten them together by using two wrenches. Make sure that it’s not too tight. Foam insulation is required to act as a cover for the copper pipes. Make sure that you put foam on all of the connecting parts. Finally, when you’re trying to expel air from your AC, it’s always best to refer to your manufacturer’s manual and follow the instructions regarding timing.